Friday, October 19, 2007

2007 Holiday Gift Giving Tips, Advice, And More!

Gift giving to your loyal customers, valued clients, trusted partners, supporting agencies, etc. is a tradition during the holidays. You may know them quite well, or you may be hoping to get to know them better. Whether it's a person you work with exclusively or more of a company-to-company relationship, your gift is a chance to express your gratitude and good will. Because this is still a business transaction of sorts, it's also an opportunity to make a lasting impression that says something distinctive about you and your company.

Gifts keep a business relationship alive! Here are some tips when considering gift giving:

1. Don't send gifts wrapped in gold and black. Traditionally, these are colors of mourning. Gifts or wrapping in purple are considered a symbol of bad luck.

2. Do be conscious of cultural and health restrictions. Hindus, for example, don't eat meat. Traditional Chinese believe a gift of a timepiece means death. Diabetics need to watch their sugar intake. People with food allergies ned to see ingredient information.

3. Do keep your gift in a price appropriate area. Sending elaborate gifts sends the wrong message. If you have a small budget and cannot afford to send gifts this year, a Holiday card is an option. Sending a gift from your normal stash of give-a-ways sends the wrong message. It is better not to send than send a gift of this nature.

4. Don't send personal items to clients or staff. It could be misinterpreted. Some no-no items are: perfume, cologne, personal clothing.

5. Do check company policy for dollar limits on gifts. If a corporate policy prohibits gifts, ask if you can still send a gourmet gift basket, fruit basket, or tower gift with chocolates for everyone to share.

Gifts for Co-Workers: when it comes to gifts for the people you work with ... I am sure we've heard it all from the embarrassing Tupperware to the extravagant weekend get-a-way. Your co-workers and staff are your company's greatest asset, so choose gifts that reflect that fact. If asked to participate in a Secret Santa keep your gift neutral. Everyone has different tastes. For Secret Santa gifts, avoid personal items and opt for a box of upscale cookies or chocolates. Food gift items are the #1 gift during the holidays.

Gifts for the Boss are inappropriate .... ask yourself would the person be comfortable displaying this gift in the office? Remember .... when in doubt ... ask your gift professional to meet with you and offer advice on appropriate gift giving.

This article was written by Patricia Desiderio, founder and owner of Patty's Gifts and Basket LLC, a coprorate gift consulting firm. Patricia writes articles for various organizations, newspapers on business matters such as strategic planning, networking, etc. Contact info: