Thursday, August 11, 2011

Best five steps to market your business with promotional products during tough economic times.

What a challenge in today’s world: Are we in a recession, out of a recession but waiting for the double dip everyone is talking about? OR has the recession lingered and we never came out of it (despite what the White House reports).

Five essential ways to market your business using promotional items:

1) Use them as invitations

Instead of giving them away without any specific reason, try using them as invitations for a future event. For example, you could send across a box of chocolates with a card including a message: "We are pleased to invite you to celebrate our company’s 25th year of operation."

2) Sponsor Events

Try hosting an event to acquire more leads for sales and impress existing clients and customers. You can organize a fund raising event for a non-profit in the community. Give-away promotional merchandise at the event. Give each participant a gift bag with efficient products that they could use frequently

3) Send Direct Mailers

Send mail to existing clients, investors, or customers with a thank you note imprinted on it. Or introduce your company and its products or services by sending free gifts or samples to potential customers. The key here is to have a plan in place for follow-up.

4) Socialize

Do not hesitate to discuss your promotional ideas whenever you get an opportunity to socialize with people. The art of networking is to let everyone you meet (even in a social setting) know what you do for a living.

5) Analyze

Analyzing promotional products is extremely important to perform better in the future. Request your customers to submit feedback on the gifts they received from your company. This will help you evaluate your efforts. Use survey monkey to get feedback from your customers.

Article provided by Patricia Desiderio, owner and president of Patty’s Gifts and Baskets, LLC, T/A Patty’s Promotions. A promotional products distributor and international gift company.

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